Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook

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NOW 6th Edition


The Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook (6th Edition) was published in February 2012.  Since that time, these changes have occurred:

1.  August 2012.  

A.  New version of Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act was published by the Arizona Secretary of State.  Only one statute was amended.  The full text of the amendment is reprinted below. The added language is shown below in blue.

A.R.S. Section 33-1343(B): If the tenant notifies the landlord of a service request or a request for maintenance as prescribed in section 33-1341, paragraph 8, the notice from the tenant constitutes permission from the tenant for the landlord to enter the dwelling unit pursuant to subsection D of this section for the sole purpose of acting on the service or maintenance request and the tenant waives receipt of any separate or additional access notice that may be required pursuant to subsection D of this section.

B.  Go HERE to download August 2012 version of the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, as published by the Arizona Secretary of State, with the foregoing change included.


NOTE: Rules of Procedure for Eviction Actions - These rules became effective January 1, 2009.  These rules affect: (1) attorneys and (2) landlords who do their own evictions. These rules require the Summons and Complaint to include specific language and notices and requires the court to find specific facts exist before granting a judgment against a tenant. All attorneys and landlords should read the new rules before filing an eviction action. These rules are not included in Appendix C of the Arizona Landlord's Deskbook (6th Edition), but they available here.  These rules can be downloaded here for free.

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