1.  Free “Sixth Edition” if you purchased the “Fifth Edition” within six months. I detest buying a new book or software, only to be informed of a new release a few weeks or months later.  If you purchased the Fifth Edition (older version) of the Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook within six months of the publishing date of the Sixth Edition (February 2012), send me your Fifth Edition and a copy of your receipt and I will mail you a copy of the Sixth Edition free of charge. This applies equally to the Forms CD and/or the e-Book.

 2.  No unnecessary editions.

 • I will not issue  new editions for the sake of issuing a new edition (a common practice for some software companies).

 • I will not issue a new edition less than one year from the previous edition. In the future (as has been my practice in the past), new editions will only be issued when the quantity or significance of changes in the law since the last publication warrant a new edition.

 • I will provide you with  updates. All changes that occur after  the  Sixth Edition is published will be noted on the  book’s  “Update” page.

3.  Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not  satisfied with the  content or quality of the Sixth Edition, simply send me the book and  a copy of your receipt and I will promptly refund your money.*

Carlton C. Casler

Author, Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook

* Limit one refund per person; does not apply to resellers or persons who receive quantity discounts; no longer valid after notice of publication of seventh edition is announced on our web site.